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About Us

IDC Achill Rock was formed by a group of cross industry experts to provide the market with a fresh and innovative approach to Data Centres. Our focus is on providing a truly bespoke solution for you and your Customers.

Our first facility can provide traditional air cooled facilities, by any configuration, to support your specific requirements, with the opportunity to grow using alternative flexible solutions.

IDC Achill Rock have designed this facility around providing not only the technical flexibility but also an environment designed around and best suited for your engineering and support staff working on site.

We also have a demonstration and training area to enable you, our partners and IDC Achill Rock to demonstrate current and emerging technologies in a real environment. This will enable teams to evaluate and appreciate the physical form before agreeing to purchase.

Flexibility has been and continues to be a key driver for us, and as we have provided a truly Flexible approach to the technology, this is underpinned by a creative and Innovative approach to our commercial modelling.

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Why IDC Achill Rock?

Why Partner With IDC?

IDC Achill Rock are a new vendor with new facilities, focused on providing an outstanding experience for our partners and Customers alike. Our expertise is derived from the collective knowledge of our employees coupled with feedback from the market and partner eco system. We offer a comprehensive suite of services on a white label basis, enabling our partners to have a greater degree of flexibility in the offerings they take to market.

The benefits of partnering with IDC:


The Birmingham facility is a large Data Centre, with an innovative and creative build format. This enables us to extend to you the ability to be more creative around not only the approach you would like to adopt, but also the specific technology you may prefer to offer to fulfil a specific Customer need.

We can offer traditional rack and stack co location services with traditionally cooled isles, or we can offer liquid cooled racks and entire data halls, you decide.

24x7 Support

Our facility is manned 24x7, to ensure we provide the appropriate levels of security, support and access for your Company and your Customers.

Remote hands

If you are unable to get to site, or would like our staff to provide you ongoing support, then we can offer this support.

White label

As a partner we appreciate you will be selling strongly on the brand and background your Company provide. We are happy for you to re badge our services and be sold as your own. It is for this reason that we make every effort to ensure we offer the very highest standards of service and range of flexible offerings.


IDC Achillrock has partnered with some like-minded and highly creative asset finance Companies to enable us to provide a range of innovative leasing and rental options for your Data centre services. These may be extended to your Customers should you wish. As an example, we may be able to include Hardware. Software and services within a lease option, and align the payment schedule with your expected sales growth.

Hybrid Approach

As our facility is the latest to the market, we ensured we designed it with flexibility as a key foundation. This flexibility will enable you to design and build exactly what you and your Customers require. Be that CoLo, Dedicated suite, Managed SaaS or IaaS. These may also be mixed within a designated or dedicated environment.

Standards Approved

We would expect you and your Customers to want to ensure the Data Centre meets or exceeds the standards associated with a Data Centre provider. We fully comply with ISO 27001 and the emerging....

Low Latency

We can offer a range of low latency services both directly and also through our network of partners, ensuring you of the best speeds and lowest latency available be that for algo trading or to support specific edge devices and applications.

Partner Community

We truly believe in a holistic partner ecosystem, and really enabling our partners to work together providing complementary solutions for the market.

We run a number of events and networking socials to ensure all parties are aware of the value added services we can provide by working in unison.

The Market

Disruption caused by the demand for new digital business operating models, the internet of things and for many sectors new regulations.

Digital disruption and Innovation are driving business change, and this change is not just about making the old analogue approaches digital, but about re thinking the whole approach to the way a business operates. Customer demand for a great user experience and everything as a service, means that in order to thrive in todays economy, a business must not only look at new approaches but welcome them with open arms.

Technology is no longer the cost burden it used to be, but is very much the enabler and generator of competitive advantage, revenue and increased bottom line growth.

Current and evolving regulations such as MiFiD2 and GDPR is demanding that Companies within the FS sector maintain significantly more records of the trades and operations within the business. From a technology perspective, this also means more services especially more storage.

Finally the internet of things is coming of age, with growth and new applications expected to continue at pace. Customer demand again is the key driver, and mobile devices with outstanding performance will be expected.

IDC Achill Rock is brand new Company, founded by Entrepreneurs from within the technology sector, all of whom have a passion for the industry and for innovation. Our objective is to help business take advantage and be at the forefront of the new Digital era.

We recognise the trends mentioned above and have partnered with like minded organisations to offer a suite of services to ensure your business success.

These include:

Why Lease?

IDC Achill Rock offer a range of flexible financial services to help enable and appropriately manage any technical solution within our network.

These services can include, hardware, software, set up, Professional services and an element of operational support services.

Our Credentials

Our Partners

Cannon Technologies

Cannon Technologies is a leading UK manufacturer of wide ranging, Micro to Megawatt Turnkey Data Canter's, MandE infrastructure and integrated Telco infrastructure.

Offering a forty year international pedigree, serving global blue chip organisations, Government and the Defence Sector, Cannon delivers best of breed solutions with a lean cost philosophy.


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